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Few things, I created

Project Type  : UI/UX, Systems Design

Duration        : 3Weeks

My Role         : Research, Wireframes, Visual system, Prototyping

Yaara is an app for the community of travelers, to reviving experience wether it's your first backpacking trip or a business trip.

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Project Type  : User Experience Design


Integrating Netflix Shop to their Mobile streaming application. Creating awareness about the existence of their shop.

Frame 4.png

Project Type  : Internship

Duration  : Active


Growbinar is a startup focused on providing 1:1 mentorship to people across the career fields.


Project Type  : UI/UX, Visual design

Duration        : 1 Week

My Role         : Research, Branding, Visual system, Hi-fed wireframes


Vacare is an Child vaccination app for the parents, so they never miss the vaccination of their child.

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Project Type  : Industrial design, Brand language, Design language, CMF

Duration        : 3 Week

My Role         : Research, Branding, Ideation, Render


BeoBrew is a coffee machine inspired from the brand language of the high-end audio manufacturer B&O.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 140352.png

Project Type  : Industrial design, Universal design, CMF

Duration        : 2 Week

My Role         : Research, Concept development, Ideation, CAD, Render


SAAZ wired earphones are an unvisal design approach to regular earphones to make them efficient and hassle-free.


Project Type  : UIIndustrial design, Graphic design, Renders


Some of the Miscellaneous work I have done throughout my Academic course.

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