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Growbinar is an initial stage focused on building a 1:1 mentorship platform for people across the fields and giving them the right guidance and feedback towards their career. Being a part of Growbinar my task was to look after the User Interface & User Experience of the web platform and create a consisten visual and design system for the platform across the User-flow of the platform.

My Role

  • UX Research

  • Creating visual systems

  • Brand guide

  • User study

  • User interface

  • User flows


Feburary 2023 - Present

During my internship at Growbinar, being an initial stage startup I got to work and get my hands-on at all the stages of the projects and got a chance to work from the initial stage, some of the projects I worked on are:

  • Landing page

  • Initial mentee login-flow and Interface

  • Mentee Profile page

  • Mentor profile Page

  • Meet booking flow and user-interface

  • Visual system

  • Events page

  • Leaderboard gamification

  • Feature analysis

The Company is an initial stage start-up and is still in testing phase of the product before the official launch.




All rights reserved to Growbinar Ltd.

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